6th Annual Back to the Bricks Promo Tour

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The ‘6th Annual BttB Promo Tour’ which has been titled the ‘Westside Tour’. So where are we going and when are the dates? The 2015 ‘Westside Tour’ will start with a kick off breakfast on Friday, June 12, 2015. The full breakfast buffet will once again be sponsored by Security Credit Union which also is the sponsor of the main event BttB ‘Car Corral’. After breakfast we depart for our first overnight host city stop which is Battle Creek, Michigan. As some of you know, last year just after we got all the cars parked in downtown Battle Creek, we were hit with a major thunderstorm which unfortunately put the skids to the evening cruise-in. That being said, Battle Creek recognized the potential for a great show and has invited the tour back for 2015. It is truly gratifying when we receive invitations to return and for those communities who ‘get it’, turns out to be a great time for all.

From Battle Creek, we leave Saturday morning for Whitehall, Michigan which is just north of Muskegon. Like Battle Creek, Whitehall will be closing off their downtown for the cruise-in. Oh, and did I mention we will be stopping for coffee and donuts in mid-morning due to the generosity of Hagerty Insurance, the coffee and donuts will be provided to all on the tour. Sunday morning it is onto Manistee, Michigan. A few years ago, Manistee hosted our tour as a mid-day stop which was held on the main street of Manistee. Manistee is extremely excited that we will be staying overnight with them and are in the stage of planning for our stop. For those who like to gamble, there is a casino in Manistee and for those who are inclined to try their luck, the casino is just north of town.

Monday we will be traveling to Boyne City, Michigan. On the way to Boyne City, we will be stopping in Frankfort, Michigan for the mid-morning coffee and donut stop which at this time will be held on the beach. The Frankfort stop will also include a tour of a private auto museum The Boyne City downtown manager got wind of the tour and made a pitch for us to stop overnight in their community. Closing off the downtown streets, live entertainment, great food venues and more are in the works. And before I forget, Classic Instruments has invited us to a free lunch and tour of their facilities. For those who have Classic Instrument gauges in their cars, this will be a great opportunity see where they were built. Tuesday morning it is onto West Branch, Michigan. As some of you know, we made an overnight stop in West Branch two years ago. And for those of you who were there, you also know that West Branch ‘hit a grand slam’ for the tour and the community leaders have told us ‘you haven’t seen anything yet’!

Wednesday morning we leave for home but with one major change for the tour. East Tawas has invited us to stop in their community for lunch. The tour committee has made a decision to take advantage of this offer and to host all of those still remaining on the tour, to have our ‘End of the Road’ gathering at this time. After lunch, we can caravan back to the Flint area or wherever. The tour committee, headed up by co-chairs ‘Rowdy’ Rhonda Rau and Pete Cimbala, Janet and Jerry Koryciak are working hard to insure that all will have a great time. And as like last year, ABC12-TV,Cummulus Radio, Baker College, and the BttB own DJ, Bob Steel will be along again in 2015.

And finally, events Chair, Roberta Vasilow and our BttB business manager, Mary Wood have made arrangements with the BttB banking facility (Elga Credit Union) that registration can be paid on line with your credit card. Look for more details in the future which can be found on ‘backtothebricks.org’. the official website of the BttB. Stay tune and early registration will be opened shortly after the New Year and yes, the Tour dates of June 12-16th do not interfere with Fathers Day which is the following week.

Plans for the main ‘Tune-Up Week’ are underway as is the main event week which is August 11-15th. ‘Bricks Flicks’ & Concert’ chair, Steve Hobson informed the committee that the ‘Bricks Flicks’ movie feature for 2015 is ‘Smokey and the Bandit’. So those of you that have a black Pontiac Firebird sitting in the garage, you might want to start polishing on it right now.

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