By: John Handy

One of Cruis’news’ long time advertisers is the author of this riveting book of the untold stories unspeakable duties thrust upon a handfull of soldiers. Their task was the identification of the bodies of soldiers that lost their lives during Vietnam. The groups was called Grave Registration (GR) and were the ghosts of war.

Check out a few of the reactions to this book below and then hurry and pick up a copy for yourself or maybe a friend who served in Vietnam.  Click to purchase


Noel Hernandez Sp. 4th Class Army

May 1970-December 1970

“First of all, I want to thank Mr. JC Handy for putting together “Coffins of Tin”. I especially want to thank him for his time, effort, research and determination to publish Coffins of Tin. Mr. Handy is a one of a kind that only comes along once in a lifetime. He was all ears and had full attention, when listening to stories that no one else wanted to hear. For some people the details of my duties were too morbid, too gross and very depressing. For me, it was an outlet like no other. I was extremely honored the day I received a copy of Coffins of Tin. It was an emotional moment, I breathed a sigh of relief and felt the pain go away. Furthermore, I experienced a strong feeling of being at peace.”


James L. Beecher Sp. 5th Class Army

February 1969-September 1970

“I never thought I would see anything written about the duty I had in Vietnam. All these years later, knowing now what that effects of that duty would have on me. I would still serve in GR again.”


Shyann Dentice

“Thank you for telling this story I believe my son-n-law and grandson will learn the realities of war by reading Coffins of Tin”


Bob Lendi Sp 5th Army 1967-1970

“After finishing J.C. Handy’s novel, COFFINS OF TIN THE UNSEEN ANGELS OF VIET NAM, I can honestly say that it is the first book I’ve ever read that I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT PUT DOWN! My copy was a gift and I didn’t know what to expect, but honestly, knowing he was self-published, I didn’t expect much. To my surprise, COT is an EYE-OPENER and BEST SELLER material. Handy speaks the truth about Vietnam that no one, until now, has had the guts to talk about. Handy, a Vietnam vet himself, exposes the stark truth about the Vietnam War through the eyes of Mitch McCasey, an emotionally wounded nineteen year old draftee, who has been granted conscientious objector status…..


  1. Platoon medic with 3/5 Cav in Dong Ha 70-71. My job for 2-3 Days every month was to escort KIAs to GR at 18th Surg. In Quang Tri if necessary. I look forward to the book and I’m glad that all men and women are recognized for their contribution during a difficult time.


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