Cruis’news Celebrates our 20th Anniversary. 1995-2015

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Cruis’news Celebrates 20th Anniversary

A by-product of being born and raised in Motown, 10W30 has always flowed through my veins. I caught the car-enthusiast bug when I was 14 years old and purchased my first car, a 1956 Chevy, for a whopping $25. Given the obvious age issue, the ‘56 was hidden from my mom in a neighbor’s garage. By 16, I had saved up enough money for my first street legal car, a 6-banger ‘58 Chevy, that my mom let me park in the driveway.
Being obsessed with classic cars my whole life, I had always worked on classic cars and surrounded myself with them whenever possible. I realized that my passion for classic cars, the industry, and the people around cruises only has grown stronger over the years. This passion is what eventually led me to start Cruis’news back in 1995.
I was walking around a car show with my buddy and noticed that flyers were being tossed into cars and laying in stacks on car seats. I thought wouldn’t it be great if we had one source of information to tell us cruisers where to go. Cruis’news was created out of a stack of flyers! Hence the saying, “We tell car buffs where to go,” was born! I can remember our excitement each time we reached a milestone. It started with 100 subscribers that I had signed up our first month. I was driving from show to show in a ‘90 Crown Vic with the trunk full of issues. Those milestones steadily grew to what we are today, 10,000 issues per month with double for our Autorama and Woodward Dream Cruise™ issues.
I feel extremely lucky to be able to make a living doing the two things I love, graphic arts (my degree) and Classic Cars (my passion). Not too many people can say that. I can not take all the credit for a successful 20 years, the “Boss Lady” Diane has kept all the inner workings humming right along. (Thank you Boss Lady!) Diane and I have a great staff that work very hard each month to get our good lookin’ issue out on time.
The past two decades have flown by, jam packed with many fond memories. Actually, way too many to mention. Take a look at all the photos on this page and hopefully they will bring back some of those happier memories during the past 20 years. We are planning to run more nostalgic photos every month throughout this year.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all Cruis’news subscribers, advertisers, friends and contributors who have supported Cruis’news over the past 20 years. Not to mention all of your fantastic vehicles from traditional rods up to that new Charger Hellcat and every vehicle in between.
Without you there would not be a Cruis’news magazine, “The Publication for all Car Buffs,” or sometimes known as “The Cruiser’s Bible.” Let’s hang out for another twenty, what do ‘ya say?
Dana DeCoster, Publisher / Sweeper

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