Dana DeCoster

Dana DeCosterA by-product of being born and raised in Motown, 10W30 has always flowed through the veins of Dana DeCoster. He caught the car-enthusiast bug when he was 14 years old and purchased his first car, a 1956 Chevy, for a whopping $25. Given the obvious age issue, he hid the car from his mom in a neighbor’s garage. By the time he was 16, Dana had saved up enough money for his first street legal car, a 1958 Chevy, that his mom let him park in the driveway.

Being obsessed with classic cars his whole life, Dana has always worked on classic cars and surrounded himself with them whenever possible. He has found that his passion for classic, the industry, and the people around cruises only has grown stronger over the years. This passion is what eventually led him to start Cruis’news back in 1995.
When he isn’t working on the magazine or spending time with friends at cruises, Dana can usually be found doing something on his 1953 Ford Customelin post car, 1960 Ford Galaxy sedan sort roof, or his 1964 Pontiac GTO convertible (which his wife Diane likes to pretend is hers).