Diane Decoster

Diane DeCoster

Diane DeCoster’s first cruising experience began on a date with her boyfriend, Dana DeCoster in the summer of 1976! He drove up to the front door in a 1957 Chevy Belair nicknamed Mary Lou. What caught her eye was the color. It was cream over turquoise and she thought it was real cute just like her boyfriend. That day was the beginning of a lifetime of fun for them as she was so impressed with him and Mary Lou that she married Dana the following year.

In the summer of 1995, when Dana merged his love of classic cars with his talent in graphic arts to start Cruis’news, Diane was supportive but had no idea what would get started that summer. The very first night they sold Cruis’news on Woodward Ave, they sold out of issues! For the next 10 years, Dana and Diane worked on the magazine. At first, Diane helped when she could as she still held her day job at United Airlines. In 2005 the workload of managing both jobs became too much and she left United to take on her full time job as “Boss Lady” for Cruis’news.

Being a natural part of Cruis’news means that cruising is a large part of Dana and Diane’s life. For their 30th wedding anniversary, Dana surprised her with a classic of very own. It’s a 1964 GTO convertible and ironically it was in her favorite color combination… cream with a turquoise interior and the car is cute just like her boyfriend, Dana DeCoster, Editor in Chief/Sweeper of Cruis’news.