2018 Downtown Mt. Clemens Car Show Photo Recap




  1. I took my ‘56 Chevy down to the show this year. I arrived around 8:00a.m. I drove down the whole car show parking area looking for a spot to park before I registered. There had to be at least 35 parking spots with lawn chairs or other items placed to HOLD spots for car show participants that were not even there. I got up at 6:30 a.m. to drive 30 miles, to a show I couldn’t even park at. What happened to first come first serve? I drove home since there wasn’t even spots on side streets as blockade barriers were put up, except for the street saved for vendors. Obviously once back home, I had no desire to go back again for Cruise Night after 3:00. This show has certainly changed since the city members have taken over that event. I will miss participating in that show in the future as a lot of us used to make it a whole day event and ate at the restaurants downtown. Things do change, but not always for the better.


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