2018 Harper Avenue Charity Cruise Photo Recap



  1. The Harper cruise always had a great homey and friendly feel to me being I grew up in the Shores. Great time every year. Thanks again Dana for all of your help and participation in helping cruisers every year.

  2. I was disappointed about the parking at the old Kmart parking. The daily drivers should have parked somewhere else instead of with the classic cars. All of the shows that I have gone to (and believe there is a lot) the daily drivers park away from the classics.. There was no one out there telling people where to park. We came back some cruising and couldn’t park with the classic cars, no room. If I was a person coming to look at the cars, I would be disappointed to see 1 classic car 2 daily drivers and then some more classic cars mixed in with the daily drivers. Very unorganized.


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