Cadillac Teams with Pfaff Designs to Take On HOT ROD Power Tour



 The HOT ROD Power tour is a seven-day, seven-city rolling car-topia enjoyed by auto enthusiasts from around the world. This 24th annual event is expected to bring together more than 6,000 vehicles and 100,000-plus spectators making it the largest travelling car-show in the world! With over 10 Power Tours under his belt, Murray Pfaff of Pfaff Designs is no stranger to the fun, camaraderie, horsepower, and the spectacle of the event. In fact, he designed the give-away car for the event, has had over 40 of his designs participate on the tour, and has driven 6 of his own builds in the event.


Cadillac V-Performance will provide a 2018 CTS-V to Pfaff Designs for the tour, and Murray will promote and showcase his creation, on the “Tour de Pfaff,” with fellow enthusiasts and fans. But don’t think for a moment that the car will escape Pfaff’s own design touches while on tour. It will undergo a graphic transformation featuring an asymmetrical hood treatment and trapezoidal graphic motif inspired by the Cadillac V-Series logo that will flank both sides of the supercharged sedan. Axiom Graphics of Berkeley, MI will assist Pfaff in completing the transformation.


While on tour Murray expects quite a bit of “endurance cruising” he says with a wink. “But seriously there will be 3 days of auto crossing where I can put the 640 horses and third-generation Magnetic Ride control with Performance Traction Management to the test. This will be fun.”


The Pfaff Designs version of the fastest production Cadillac ever will be displayed on the manufacturer’s midway with Pilot Transport each day of the tour. The event takes place June 9-15 starting in Bowling Green, KY and ends at Z-Max Dragstrip outside of Charlotte, NC.


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