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This letter is about car guys caring for one another. My name is Rob Pope, friends call me “Lucky”, if you know me you would know it fits. It started last fall on my way back from Yates Cider Mill driving my 1947 Chevy Pick Up Rat Rod (named Mighty Mouse), the alternator grounded out and had to be flat bedded home. There it sat in the garage for 8 months with wires all melted together under the hood. I’m more the mechanical kind of guy and electrical is not my forte. I asked a friend of mine Teddy if he knew of someone who would help me out. He explained that Marc Dreim of Richmond was an electrical guru. When Marc showed up to my garage he looked gray and fragile, he said he was battling prostate cancer. I told Marc that I had just finished my 44 radiation treatments for the same type of cancer. As we talked about the cancer he told me he wished he knew someone he could talk to while he was going through this. Marc is the kind of guy when you meet him you feel like you’ve known him for sometime, he is also a pay-it -forward kind of guy, he’s been teaching young car enthusiast how to work on cars for some time, we talked hot rods and about his 9 second 84 Camaro Race Car. He says “well lets see what’s going on with it” (Rat Rod) Marc got out his meter, OHMs, volt gizmo, I laughed I told him I would never be able to figure how to use that, I had him sit while he told me what to do. After getting it running, I asked Marc, ever rode in a rat rod before? No he says…then let’s go for a ride I said, and as he got in a smile came across his face. The truck is only 4 feet tall, sitting that low with a Dual Quad Tunnel Ram looking right back ‘atcha will put a smile on any rudder’s face. So we headed south on M-29 going through the gears Marc was all smiles, he said it was a very different experience, when we got back to the garage the engine wouldn’t shut off, we looked at each other and laughed, Marc told me what the problem was and said he would be back in a couple of days with the solution. My son told me Marc came by while I was out and dropped off a double kill switch along with a hand drawn diagram on how to wire it up. I followed his instructions and of course it worked perfectly. A couple days went by, I called to thank him and to see how he was doing, no answer. Called again another day, same thing, there was no answer. I got a call later that week from Teddy and he told me that Marc had been in the hospital the past week then passed away on 5-7-18. It’s all too surreal to see and talk to someone and then they’re gone.

Being a cancer survivor and Car Guy I want to pay it forward for Marc and other car guys who want to talk about it or have questions. So I’m starting a support group along with Marc’s Pastor Mark Hallor. I’m thinking “Cars-N-Cancer Support Group”. Please feel free to call me Robert Pope 586-596-3843   I believe we are on this earth to Help each other. Pastor Mark Hallor’s number is 586-727-9593



  1. Cars-N-Cancer
    Support Group,
    Thank you! What a heartfelt letter.
    Marc Dreim, was a terrific person and missed by many. Any help needed please contact information below.


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