Still Talkin’ Cars


No. it’s not an April fool’s joke, I’m actually back.  Been out of commission for a while and am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I’m looking forward to spring and the good times to come.

Dana has been great letting me slide by for the past few months and I thank him for it….you too Boss Lady!

Did get a chance to attend the Novi Swap Meet and the WPC Show which was back at Macomb Community college, both good shows.  Autorama, that’s always a class unto itself.  Great show this year and as always……well attended.  The Riddler Award was a runaway winner.  The ’60 Cadillac was unbelievable.  I was surprised to hear people say that they didn’t know Cadillac made a station wagon, and so many.  Folks, have you never seen a hearse?  It’s a station wagon, just modified slightly.  It was easy to see the small fortune they put into building that show winner. 

However, that’s all behind us now and we look forward to spring and the new Midwest car season!  Really look forward to these warms days at a meet, walking up and down the aisles, checking out all the stuff.  Which reminds me that my mission this year is to find a decent 1952 Packard grill.  I’ve been told it’s the same no matter which one you have, 200 or 400.  Then maybe I can finally finish that one and use it as my summer driver.  Man I love this hobby!

It was sure nice to see American Pickers do a show right here in the Detroit area.  Just a while back they visited Gary Jean’s place, and bought some stuff.  Gary, as so many of you can recall, passed away several years ago and the family has now decided to let some of his stuff go.  Some of the collection went back to when he was a teenager in high school.  By the way, the 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe was awesome.  Wonder if we’ll ever see it restored and back on the road again. Those Zephyr’s had such beautiful lines, a designer’s dream.  If you missed the show I’m sure you can find it on the American Pickers website. ….check it out.

As previously stated, looking toward spring and the new season, take some time and get the vehicles back in shape.  After setting for so long (in hibernation) gremlins creep in.  If you didn’t change the oil when you put it away last fall, this would be a good time to do so.  A little spit and polish goes a long way.  Who has the slogan “A clean car rides better”?  Make sure you check out all the fluids, especially the brakes.  You definitely want to make sure that cruiser is going to stop, and if you are lucky enough to have air, make sure it’s charged and working.  It’s also a good idea to check the coolant.  It too has a tendency to break down after several years.

Now if we can only get this weird, cold winter behind us we can pan our summer.  Let’s hope it’s a great one!

It’s also not too late to renew your subscription to Cruis’ News to find out when and where the events will be.  I’m wishing for a dry season and no rainouts…..enjoy!

………to be continued……

Art Cervi


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