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MICHIGAN is my home, where the automobiles roam. Where the spring, summer and long autumn weather is about as good as it gets anywhere. The peninsular state, surrounded by the Great Lakes exhibits the wondrous and beauty of itself as it is known as the great Water Wonderland state. Then comes winter and a hardy survivor you need to be… or a snowbird if ‘Angel Puke’ is not your favorite daily way of life.

To that end a dose of multiple days or weeks of  medical and cranial sunshine is always advantageous to ones psychic being. Ah yes, a bit of Florida and Arizona ‘werks’ well with visits to car spots.

Been to Rick Treworgy’s MUSCLE CAR CITY in Punta Gorda, Florida a number of times. Populated with a very large collection of Chevrolet vehicles to include Corvettes, Camaros, Chevelles of most years produced-all with the highest factory available horsepowers-and old Chevrolet trucks. Pontiacs and Buicks too and some cool old trucks.

Off to Phoenix, Arizona where the January auctions run supreme with Barrett-Jackson RM, Goodings, Bonham, Russo/Steele, Worldwide and Silvers. Car cruises; Pavillions, Cars N’Coffee, SO-CAL, Nancy Perry Productions car shows/cruises.

In Maricopa resides the Dwarf Car Museum-seen on Jay Leno’s Garage and Dennis Gage’ MY CLASSIC CAR television shows-where Ernie Adams, originator of the dwarf car/Dwarf Race Cars, and Gene Tweedy build handmade 5/8 scaled down drivable Dwarf Classic Cars. Gingers Barber Shop inside the museum is open daily 9-5.

Sun shine and Palm trees… Florida and Arizona.


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